The Elections Centre

Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher are Associate Members of Nuffield College, Oxford.   Our aim in creating this website is to establish a major resource for local election data in the UK.



It’s taken us a while but then we were collecting details for almost 25,000 candidates contesting over eight thousand seats in almost five thousand wards.
The 2023 results can be downloaded here.
Local Elections Handbook 2023
The 2022 version is here: Local Elections Handbook 2022
The 2021 Hanbook, which includes local elections taking place then that were postponed from 2020 are here: Local Elections Handbook 2021
For the past few years we’ve been working closely with staff at the House of Commons Library to collect the local election results. There is now a page on local elections on their website where you can download the Elections Handbook and also a data file containing details for each candidate, including surname, forename, party label, vote and identifying the ward/local authority where they stood. There are also data on ward electorates and turnout.
Click here to access the website: House of Commons link 2023

All three volumes of the historical London election results compiled and published by Alan Willis and John Woollard are now available. An amazing piece of work and a great resource for election enthusiasts. Volume 3 summarises the voting for each ward in each election from 1889 to 1998.

Volume 1 available here



Volume 2 available here




Volume 3 available here