Welcome to The Elections Centre

The aim is to provide wider access to our electoral and survey data.

This website has been developed as a public resource thanks to our most recent grant from the ESRC (ES/L010011/1).

The information derives from the British Local Elections Database, a project initiated in 1985 and supported at different times by the Economic and Social Research Council, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Electoral Commission and EMAP plc.

The website is under continuous development, so if something doesn’t quite work or isn’t where it’s supposed to be please be patient.  Thanks to those users that have reported various omissions and apologies for not remedying these – we’ve been a bit pre-occupied of late but back on the case now.

STOP PRESS: We are selling off our existing stock of Elections Handbooks for the pre-2013 period.  Use the email below if you are interested – this is a bit of a vague statement simply because we don’t yet know what our existing stock actually comprises!  Prices will probably be in the range of £20.00 per volume plus postage.

If you want to get in touch please write to – electionscentre@gmail.com


*** Try the council compositions calculator*** : We will up-date this to take account of the 2016 results in the very near future!