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Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher are now Associate Members of Nuffield College, Oxford, synonymous with the General Election Studies Series co-authored for many years by Sir David Butler.  This association marks another step in our aim to create a data resource for anyone interested in election data in the UK.

Exciting new project for Local Election Result enthusiasts…

Alan Willis who has helped considerably in compiling the Local Elections Database has recently produced data for the non-county boroughs 1945-1972.  He has already published the three volume set of County Borough Results for this period (copies are available if you email us) but now wants to extend the data collection to the smaller boroughs.  These include places running from Abergavenny to Woking.  In some cases the results are reasonably good but there is still a great deal to be done.  As more regional and local newspaper archives appear online this is a great project for anyone interested in their own locality or beyond.

The files can be viewed here:

NCBs 1945 to 1952

NCBs 1953 to 1960


If you want to become actively involved in adding to the existing data then send an email and we can provide you with ‘write’ privileges.




We are selling off our existing stock of Local Election Handbooks.  There are a small number of copies covering the 1990s (£5.00 each), 2000s (£10.00 each) and for 2010-2016 (£12.50 each).  Multiple purchases receive a discount dependent upon how desperate we are.

If you want to get in touch about this or anything else then here’s the email: –


The website is a public resource thanks to a recent grant from the Economic and Social Research Council (ES/L010011/1).

Much of the information derives from the British Local Elections Database, a project initiated in 1985.  This has been supported at different times by the ESRC, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Electoral Commission and EMAP plc.

Thanks to those users that have reported various mistakes (minor) and omissions (oops, sorry about that).


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