Election Handbooks Collection

There are two types of publication covering local election results.

Local authority election results for individual authorities are available to download. These contain the results for each ward at each election for 400 plus local authorities.

Results are organised according to type of authority, for example, London boroughs, English counties or unitary councils. Various changes have been made to local government structures over the years so some navigation may be required to find particular results.

Local Elections Handbooks are also available. Each handbook covers a particular year. Some of the early editions are not as as good as the previous print versions because pages have been scanned from hard copy. Additionally, we have put together some Handbooks for the pre-1985 period. These largely consist of the results and contain very little editorial content.  Handbooks specifically relating to Scottish regions, districts and unitary authorities are available in the local authority collections.

The most recent editions of the Handbooks are only available for purchase as either hard copy or in pdf. Limited stocks of other books are also available. Please email electionscentre@gmail.com to inquire about availability.