2008 Local Candidate Survey

In response to the findings of the Councillors Commission report in December 2007, the 2008 survey highlighted two challenges – how to ensure greater councillor diversity and retain good councillors.


In his foreword to the Survey Report Pascoe Sawyers commented…

      The empirical evidence of these findings speak for themselves and should act as a mirror to reflect the realities of the current situation back to parties, candidates, councils and government. All those working to ensure that local democracy is as vibrant, representative and engaging as possible should find this survey both interesting and challenging, though inevitably it will in many ways lead to more questions than answers. What is certain is that the findings will be an invaluable resource, particularly for all of us engaged in meeting some of the key challenges thrown up by the ‘Communities In Control’ White Paper

Pascoe Sawyers, Programme Manager, Political Leadership, I&DeA

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2008 Local Election Candidate Survey Report

2008 Survey Questionnaire