Local Election Handbooks

Following the annual round of local election results in England and Wales the Centre publishes the Local Elections Handbook, a comprehensive record of election results for each local authority. You can download these results up to and including the 2011 edition.

Handbooks (in hard copy and pdf versions) for the period 2012-2015 can be purchased from the Centre. We also have a limited number of print copies available from previous years, so please contact us directly to inquire about these if you wish to purchase them.

The Handbook pages are divided into two categories.  From 1991 we began to publish the results in their current format, i.e. portrait.

Publications prior to this date were published in landscape orientation and there was a great deal of white space and pages of detail about each local authority as well as the ward/division results. Our first publication of local election results was a monster two volume set on the county council contests in 1985.  Beware – some of these files are large.

For the website we have specially prepared pre-1985 versions of the Handbooks containing just the aggregate statistics and election results.  Readers of these volumes are spared our editorialising!