Sky’s elections analyst Michael Thrasher considers the prospects of the main parties ahead of the vote this Thursday – 29th April 2013

Thursday’s voting in local elections will determine the outcome in 2,400 seats across 35 authorities.

Most of these seats were last fought in 2009 when the Conservatives won seven in every 10 seats and took control of all but one of the English shire counties. The party is expecting to lose some of its territory.

The Liberal Democrats, too, are vulnerable. After taking into account the effects of boundary changes in 12 councils, the party is seeking to defend almost 500 seats.

Since joining the coalition, the party has watched its councillors defeated in heavy numbers. Will 2013 bring more of the same?

Voters in the shires took a dim view of Labour in 2009.

It took half the number of seats won by the Liberal Democrats and only a sixth of the Conservative tally.

Labour can only improve on this position but can it do enough to erase the memory of the Blair/Brown era?…click here to continue reading original article