The Centre aims to compile, analyse and publish information relating to all aspects of electoral politics in Britain. The Centre collects a wide variety of elections data, which includes local elections, European and Parliamentary, as well as others. Since 2006 the centre has also surveyed candidates for local government and publishes it reports annually.

by Colin Rallings & Michael Thrasher, Elections Centre, Plymouth University – 7th May 2013

ITV News Election Analyst, Professor Colin Rallings from Plymouth University says if the Conservative Party loses seats to UKIP, David Cameron will face some difficult questions from his own MPs – 5th May 2013

UKIP appear to be polling an average of 25% in those seats they are contesting – by Colin Rallings – 5th May 2013.

A rare moment of consensus between the leaders of the three main political parties – by Colin Rallings – 3rd May 2013.

Michael Thrasher says UKIP’s breakthrough has amazed the most seasoned election analysts – and will have the main parties worried – 3rd May 2013.

Article for YouGov by Peter Kellner – 2nd May 2013

Two men who have collected ward election results for 30 years have done more than most to illuminate British democracy – Guardian Editorial 1st May 2013

Sky’s elections analyst Michael Thrasher considers the prospects of the main parties ahead of the vote this Thursday – 29th April 2013

  The PSA hosts a number of briefings throughout the year on topics of interest to the media. In 2012, the PSA held six such media sessions, covering: House of Lords Reform; Scottish Independence; The Alternative Vote; and UK Local/Mayoral/London Elections. Our speakers have included such renowned academics as Professor John Curtice (Strathclyde University), Professor […]