Colin Rallings & Michael Thrasher analyse the field of battle ahead of next month’s local elections – 11th April 2013

Michael Thrasher looks at the position of the main parties ahead of next month’s vote – 10th April 2013

Party chairman Grant Shapps braced to lose 500 seats, with one cabinet member saying ‘terrible will be a great result’ – Article for The Guardian by Patrick Wintour – 1st April 2013

Television interview for ITN by Colin Rallings – 1st March 2013

Colin Rallings, ITV Elections Analyst on 1st March 2013 The wider political impact of parliamentary by-elections often turns out to be more important than the actual result – and Eastleigh is likely to be no exception to that rule. Both the coalition parties saw their share of the vote drop by about a third compared […]